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Athens Area Homeless Shelter believes that every child deserves safe and stable housing. We cannot remain silent while Black families in our community lack safety and stability due to systemic racism that is especially apparent in the housing industry. Black children in Georgia are twice as likely as white children to experience homelessness and we stand against the practices creating this disparity (source). We acknowledge that as a community organization, led by majority white people in a town with a wide racial divide, we must listen, learn, and act. We are committed to advocating for just and liberated housing practices and educational opportunities for our Black community members. We believe Black lives matter. 


We recognize that words must be backed by action. Below are specific steps we are taking as an organization, and the resources we are learning from in our commitment to racial justice. 



  • Increasing professional development opportunities for staff and board, focused on recognizing and rectifying racial injustice in housing and related institutions. Opportunities will be offered via a spectrum of resources, discussion and trainings from a variety of antiracism educators. 

  • Adapting the AAHS social media plan to dedicate at least one monthly post focused on awareness and resources addressing racial injustice in housing and related institutions. 

  • Updating our Board Member welcome binders to include:

    1. Our AAHS Racial Justice Commitment

    2. A fact sheet on inequities within the Housing institution.

    3. A resource list of supportive literature compiled by staff and current board members. 

  • Updating our Employee Manual, our Organizational Policies, and our Volunteer Agreement to include the AAHS Racial Justice Commitment. 

  • Broadening our intern partnerships for more Black students' involvement.

  • Advertising future job openings at AAHS with Black-led networks and publications in our community.

  • Increasing efforts to further diversify the AAHS Board of Directors to more accurately reflect our diverse community. 

  • Establishing June 19, Juneteenth, as a day of reflection and action for racial justice for AAHS Staff.

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