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Many of our ongoing needs can be purchased on Amazon and shipped directly! Help us stock up on items like diapers, medicine, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and undergarments right from your computer! Click here to access our Amazon wishlist!

Our wishlist provides you with an up-to-date item list of which the Shelter is in need. Use this list as a resource for your group supply drive! All donated items can be delivered to AAHS during regular office hours. 


Due to storage limitations call ahead with interest in donating clothing, toys, or furniture and we will let you know what we are currently able to accept. If we are unable to accept your donation, please consider donating your clothing, toys, and furniture items to our valuable community partners:  

Salvation Army (706-543-5350)     Habitat For Humanity Restore (706-354-0936)    Project Safe Thrift Store (706-425-8863)        Athens Thrift Store (706-357-9240)



Our little ones go through diapers so quickly! Right now we’re in need of sizes
4 & 5 diapers and size 5 & 6 pull ups.


Black 30 Gallon Trash Bags
With up to 25 people living in the shelter, we go through lots of trash bags!

Toilet Paper!

We have 2 shelter locations and go through lots of TP! We are always accepting this item.

High Efficiency
Laundry Detergent
The Shelter’s laundry detergent supplies run out quickly when washing clothing for six families. Your donation keeps our families clean and comfortable. As we transition to high-efficiency washers and dryers we specifically need HE detergent.



Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning an aging facility takes a lot of elbow grease. Donations of Lysol wipes, dish-washing detergent, trash bags, bleach,
all purpose cleanser, and floor cleanser always meet an immediate need.

Umbrellas for
Adults and Kids

In blustery fall and winter weather, keeping dry in Athens is hard work! Help us out by donating umbrellas for our residents and their children.

With an average of 20 residents, we’re always in need of full-size shampoo/conditioners, any and all African American hair products, deodorant, and other hygiene items.

New women and children’s underwear
While we have great relationships with thrift stores in town, new underwear is something that we’d love to have on hand for residents moving in. Women’s and children’s underwear in all sizes, and training underwear for those moving out of pull-ups would be greatly appreciated! Other undergarments are also needed!

Restock our
Medicine Cabinet

While living in close quarters,
it’s always smart to have a fully stocked medicine cabinet! We go through chapstick, 
pepto bismol, Sinus Medication, Mucinex, Benadryl, children’s allergy relief, and children’s gummy multivitamins pretty quickly.

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