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Meals & Basic Supplies

We've coordinated over 30,000 meals/grocery deliveries for families as well as an abundance of diapers, wipes, personal hygiene items, PPE, cleaning supplies, and school supplies for the 29 families residing in AAHS shelters since COVID-19 began.

housing assistance

To date in 2020, we have provided security deposits, utility deposits and committed a full year of rent for 24 families, keeping 52 children and their parents safely housed through this pandemic in our Going Home program*. In November, we added a new emergency response eviction prevention program, keeping even more families safely housed through this crisis. 

Hotel shelter

We've provided hotel shelter to over 20 families (that's 42 children and 24  parents!) since COVID-19 began. Because of our proactive move from community shelter, we haven't had a COVID-19 outbreak among residents! And all this while safely maintaining families in our Bridge To Home Educational Shelter, Going Home Rapid ReHousing Program and setting up our new Emergency Eviction Prevention Program!


We've provided over 10,000 hours of childcare for all children in our programs since COVID-19 began - including school age children. We also safely adapted and maintained our summer reading and tutoring programs and coordinated with local partners to ensure access to books and educational materials throughout the pandemic.

AAHS COVID-19 Response

*If you are a landlord and would like to work with us to help Athens through this critical time, please reach out to our Executive Director  Shea Post at

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