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School teachers and staff are one of the most important supports for students as they navigate life, and that is especially true for students experiencing homelessness. At Athens Area Homeless Shelter we recognize teachers and school staff as valuable community members and work to support our partnership with schools in any way we can.


Below you will find resources, videos, links and more to help enhance your support of students experiencing homelessness in your classrooms and schools. 

Helping Families Know their Educational Rights

As a teacher, you know that changing schools greatly impedes students’ academic and social growth. Highly mobile students, including students who are homeless, have also been found to have lower test scores and overall academic performance than peers who do not change schools. Therefore, the McKinney-Vento Act protections exist to reduce this impact for unhoused students. Click the image to download and share with the families in your classroom! For more details about the rights of homeless students, click here.

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Age/Role Specific Supports for School Staff and Teachers

School Social Workers are on the frontline of support for students experiencing homelessness. You are likely one of the first to know if a student and their family are in crisis and we honor the crucial role you play in a family's life. Below you'll find both a detailed program fact sheet to help you navigate referrals to our agency as well as a document summarizing McKinney-Vento Program Eligibility from the National Center for Homeless Education. 

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Upcoming NCHE Webinars:

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